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I absolutely love your comments and opinions, as they are refreshing and so REAL!
— ES, Program Director

I am a Conflict Resolution Specialist placed in West Hollywood, CA. I have used Effective Communication strategies together with Emotional Intelligence traits to improve Interpersonal Interactions, whether in the workplace or in one's personal life. Hence, as an expert in Interpersonal Relationships, in conflict I use techniques based on Theoretical exercises and Practical Strategies through coaching and facilitation in order to resolve conflicts and keep healthy relationships through constructive strategies.

We are daily involved in conflicts and negotiations, thus the ability to deal with them constructively is important for oneself and others. 

As a Conflict Coach I have accomplished to help others to help themselves through counseling and creative strategies, in which have been extremely useful into assisting people to repair and build strong relationships.

My experience as Mediator has been vastly on workplace issues, such as employee/employer - Where it could range from pay raise, harassment, lack of motivation, to gender, and systemic issues. Furthermore, Mediating between families and spouses have been another focus of mine due to my training in team facilitation and trust building. 

I hold Master in Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University in the City of New York, which is one of the best universities in the world, and the lead researcher in Conflict Resolution. 

I was able to practice important methods of Individual Session as much as group facilitations, which was invaluable for my growth as a Ombudsman and Mediator.

At this moment I am assisting private clients such as individuals, couples, and families with conflict coaching, also I work with 500+ clients in recovery, Mediation and Ombuds Contractor with several organizations and corporations.

Hans has motivated me to be more ambious and focused, but the best thing; it was all with concrete strategies.
— CS, Client

He has changed my life with smooth and seemless advices, in which has only generated construtive and positive results
— AG, Client
If you want things to get done - Ask Hans to do it
— MA, Partner/Owner

Best Life Coach in Los Angeles. Now I am able to deal with problem much better.
— HK, Client

Hans is an AMAZING mediator. The best couple’s mediator in Los Angeles. He is fair and have such integrity in what he does. Highly recommended!!
— AK and SK, Clients

Hans’ reputation has expanded and has proven his incredible knowledge, creativity, and kindness that is not found in today’s world anymore
— SD, Primary Therapist/Coach

Conflict Resolution and Ombuds in Los Angeles, CA