When employers hire people they are usually focusing on the person's strengths and qualities, however many employees are moved away from what they were hired for to do something completely different. When does it shift away from what you are good at? When is the employee dissatisfied because s/he is not doing what they have been hired for? Or even further, the employee is not doing what s/he does like to, but needs to do it because the company asked.

Putting the employee in that position will only make the employee to lose motivation, in which may cause many more conflicts than not. The conflicts may be intrapersonal [where it is a conflicts within ourselves] or interpersonal [where it is between people] conflicts. 

It may be common that companies hire someone that have some specific qualities, and the person also have many others, hence the company may think "S/he is so smart that we need to put her/him on XX area". Then when the employee goes into whatever that XX area is, s/he flourish and shows to be incredible at it... At the same time, is that what the employee likes doing? --- Maybe not. Probably not. 

The fact that an employee can "do it all", does not mean that s/he likes to do whatever s/he is shifted towards. Someone with specific specialization/expertise usually has chosen those because they are great at it. 

Furthermore, remember that someone was hired for a reason, where probably was what the person was aiming to do, or loved doing, or just wanted to try it out. Remember to bring them back to it.

**Absolutely, there is the possibility that the employee was not sure about her/his working area, and shifting them to other areas can be positive and productive for their own self development. However, how many times that is not the case?

Finally, how many times have you asked about your job description? How many times have you wanted to go back to do what you previously applied for?

We need to be true to ourselves and keep focusing on what we love doing and who we want to be.