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Irresistible Communication and Perception

          How to communicate is something very interesting for me. So, how one can use Irresistible Communication strategies and what is the play of perception in it?

          The first thing I have to say is that communication is a lot based on the communicator's reality. When one person is trying to communicate to another, what one is saying is based on their own reality. Their made-by-experience script.

          Effective communication is when one is able to change the other's way of viewing their own world, for example usually clients are stuck in a particular moment or situation, however as an Ombudsman I see a multitude of options that would be able to make the client empowered and free, yet s/he is not seeing any options. The client is usually completely focused on the negative feeling hence being stuck – immovable. Therefore, changing one’s perspective generates options and flexibility. Further, it is pivotal to show the client that the Facilitator is present to help them to help themselves.

          Continually I believe that the particular experience of moments one may see as “setback" could be moments of learning and unprecedented opportunities to know something new about the world and oneself. Even learning something negative about oneself is an incredible chance of self discovery. For example I was in a situation where I was very uncomfortable because I thought I was regressing in work life, and what I realized was that when I am feeling that way I tend to close myself off, over and over again. Not anymore… I have learned to use those opportunities to know how to talk more effectively with people that are on those situations, and ask myself what am I learning on those moments that I could use in the future.

          Therefore, there is constantly in most moments in life a positive side that one can find… Let’s look for those and make them apparent to us.

           How about to be more effective in communicating with others? Here are some ways to be irresistible:

Avoid making quick assumptions

In any given situation our ability to make assumptions, whether they are extremely easy to read or not, is pretentiously quick. I think is better to refrain yourself to make an assumption, and ask questions to understand the situation better and then able to make a correct assessment.

Be Flexible

When you are communicating with another person, try out ways of using different language patterns, body language, and tone until you find the one that the receptor is demonstrating to be more comfortable with you. Ergo, see what works and what doesn’t.

Be Concise

Many times we try to explain something in a long and detail message, however I have noticed that many times a quick, five-word phrase would do the job - There are times that well explained messages are necessary for accuracy, yet for a quick directive order being concise would be best

            Finally, effective communication is about the connection you have with the other. Hence, I believe is the moment that you express yourself effectively is where one is transform from talking to being fully understood.