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Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

There are many things that needs to be done to become your Best Self. I will not be able to explain them all here, yet let me give you some ideas.

What would be some examples?

1) Create Boundaries - Say “NO” to protect yourself, not to harm other people

2) Be truthful with your feelings, peers, family, and especially self. We tend to lie to ourself, stop.

3) Be transparent - Not only honest. A lot of us ask for honesty, however asking for transparency has more nuances that are direct, focused, and with no B.S nor surprises.

4) Organize yourself - By birth order, temperament, experience, and desire. People forget that organization is not done universally, it has to be cater to who you are in order to be effective

5) If you are wrong about something, admit it. Showing our vulnerability is a great strategy to fix your issues, most of us see it as it will become more complicated, yet it makes it simpler. It is about being confident.

6) Be ambitious - Be careful not to be greedy. Ready about it and see what are the differences between one and the other. You’ll be surprised.

7) If there’s something or someone that keeping coming back in your mind, it means you have not “move on”, “forgave”, “forget”, or whatever you would like to call. It means you need to RESOLVE that complicated thought. The only way you will move on from remembering that difficult memory is dealing with it constructively. AVOIDING DOES NOT RESOLVE.

8) There are many more things that will help you… Start with those and see how far will you go.

A quote I like is “90% of life is information and 10% is how to react to it”, that means that you need to see everything people are telling you ONLY as information. There is no need to feel hurt, disappointed, or anything else… because it’s only information.

A good strategy for you to build a little bit of confidence.

1) Look at yourself in the mirror, say 3 things about your body that you like for 7 days. No quality can be repeated and it has to be about your body ONLY.

2) After that, say 5 things “why would people want to date you?” for 7 days. No quality can be repeated.