Conflict Transformation

Answer those questions to yourself!

  1. How many times have you felt unheard?

  2. How many times you have been misunderstood?

  3. When you are texting someone, does your message comes across as intended?

Learning how to communicate efficiently is part of coaching and determined practice - Which means that we can all learn it!

In Conflict there are moments one can see it as a "problem" as much as one can see it as "opportunity". Conflicts can be seen as a moment to create and transform a relationship into something more constructive and positive. 

In Conflict Coaching with Individuals, Couples, and Groups, the transformation in the communication is incredible where you become much more resilient and prepared for conflicts when they arise. Hence, the strength of a relationships afterwards develops and increases the meaningful connection.

Therefore, together into effective communication is much more efficient with an experienced and qualified coach to facilitate and guide you to it.  

Understand what’s an Ombuds

Becoming the Best Version of yourself

There are many things that needs to be done to become your Best Self.

What would be some examples?

1) Create Boundaries - Say “NO” to protect yourself

2) Be truthful with your feelings, peers, family, and especially self

3) Be transparent - Not only honest

4) Organize yourself - By birth order, temperament, experience, and desire. People forget that organization is not done universally, it has to be cater to who you are in order to be effective

5) There are many more… When we work together we will address them all!



Many of us have no idea who we are, where are our values, and most importantly how to figure that out. There are definitely ways to teach you how to start understanding the person you are and how you impact your world around you.

I have to say it won’t be a comfortable process neither a fast one.

There are people that don’t know how they are, and expect to figure that out in one day, which is clearly impossible. Understanding your identity is a meaningful process that you need to experiment with open heart and mind.

You will feel many times defeated, tired, and lost… Those are the days that you are deciphering the complex mind and things of one’s personality. Hence, be mindful, be open, and BE YOU!